Welcome to DMS Sound Systems Ltd
We install sound facilities in many types of places where there are people to listen
The equipment we install will be more familiar to you as in-store music, loudspeaker announcements in workplaces and shops, and bleep systems to help people keep in touch in busy environments

Our work is also important for health and safety as we install voice evacuation systems that help in case you need to leave a building quickly and safely - if there is a fire or security risk, for example

Our services include
 * Music systems - loudspeaker voice messaging and announcements in public and work areas
* Foreground music - higher volume music in pubs and nightclubs
* Background music - suitable for shopping environments and quieter areas of pubs
* Sound-to-Light  - disco lighting and music output controlled by a DJ
This can include set-volume music and interconnected flashing/rotating lights in dance areas using digital data to coordinate lighting shows
By discovering and meeting the neds of our customers we have established excellent working relationships and pride in the fact that our customers come back time and again